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Enjoy Little Cayman Diving at its Best!

About This site


Our web site was originally created and is still maintained from Little Cayman, although hosted in the States.

The site is best viewed with a good cup of coffee, a screen resolution of 1024x768 or more (1280x1024 recommended), and was optimized for Internet Explorer 6.0. It is not 100% Netscape compliant although the latest version (v7.1) only suffers from minor cosmetic flaws. We apologize to Netscape users for the inconvenience.

We decided to include many features of Javascript, DHTML and CSS since they seem to have become a standard on the web. We also have done our best to comply with the new XHTML 1.0 Strict code; XHTML will be a newest version of HTML combined with XML, replacing HTML 4 with similar but cleaner and stricter code. It will be readable by different media (PDA's, cell phones, TV, etc.) and will allow better cross-browser support, while not being limited in growth.

Some of the DHTML / JavaScript provided by TwinHelix Designs. Great scripts!

Again, our apologies to those of you who's browser does not support these features, but like we wrote four years ago, the web is a dynamic, very rapidly changing medium, and one gets left behind easily (it's actually even more true today). You might want to upgrade your browser version, you'll be amazed at the results! It's possible to get most new browsers as a free download from their respective company's web page. These include Internet Explorer v6.0, Netscape v7.1, Mozilla v1.6 (Netscape-like), Opera, Avant and others.

If you are experiencing difficulties with the advanced features of this page, all the information is available in a plain form here. You can also read the FAQ's that answer the most common issues and questions.

Some of the pictures that appear throughout the site are a courtesy of our guests, others are our own. They all remain the property of their author. We always appreciate new materials but reserve the right to select and edit if necessary what will be posted ;-)

The French and Spanish sections are a little thinner due the lack of traffic from none English-speaking countries. They were both translated locally to reflect our multiligual team. French by Vince with proofing by Sabine, Germaine and Brigitte Mounier; Spanish by Vince with initial proofing from our good friend Harold Swearingen. Lots of patience and occasional swearing (pardon the pun!)

Comments and feedback about the new site are most certainly welcome.

Thanks for your interest and enjoy your visit! And if you feel like surfing some more, pay my other web site a visit.

Vincent Mounier

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