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Welcome to Little Cayman Diving at its Best!

Spring 2004 gets a new look!

Well, I had been promising it for quite some time now, and here it is. The new web site is up and running! It has kept me awake at night, distracted me during my dives, driven me away from the local parties, and has been an obsession for a number of months...

And now that it's here, that its infancy is only a memory, its childhood a fading burning ache and that puberty is lurking, I feel like saying: "OK, time for you to fly on your own, buddy. Go out there, have fun, and most of all, leave me alone!!! ;-)

I will be looking forward to any comments/constructive criticism you the reader might have, in order to fix the unavoidable last minute little bugs, to correct the few mistakes that might have escaped my undying, death-defying love for the project, or just to change things around a bit, so that from acceptable the whole thing becomes - maybe - pretty decent...

If you are in any way interested or curious about the actual design and technical aspects, make sure to visit the relevant page.

Above all look around, click here and there, watch the story unfold throughout the pages and photos, and hopefully you'll get a feel for our resort and the dive operation. We love the diving, we adore the island and we enjoy sharing it all!

New in this version:

* A completely redesigned interface with new faster cascading menus, a more modern (sic) look, fading customized tooltips, real-time local weather, an "island time" clock, a printer friendly shortcut, a non-scripted simple html page for older browsers, and more...

* New sections: the Reading Room was created as a source of information and fun education; the slide show now combines all photo galleries into one convenient page; a brand new FAQ's page was added at our readers' request; the Dive Sites Descriptions page has been updated and separated from the Island page; the new Island page contains revised and augmented information about how to get here, the Cayman Islands and our island; the web site map has been expended and revised.

* No more frames; this version is made of individual pages, themselves based on templates for ease of maintenance. It makes bookmarking more accurate and simplifies the arrival of search engine-referred visitors.

* The implementation of CSS has streamlined the code and hopefully accelerated loading times; both Javascript and CSS (complex functions and page styles) are now stored in external files and need only be loaded once. At least, that's the theory...

* The whole web site was re-written according to the specifications of the new XHTML 1.0 Strict language. We are proud to be part of the design trend, and looking forward to the future of the web.


Have fun!


New Air Service

Cayman Airways now offers a regular service to Little Cayman from both Grand Cayman and Cayman Brac. They have chartered two reliable Twin Otters for their operation and follow a schedule almost identical to that of the original air taxi, Island Air.

The good news is that it's now possible to fly from the States all the way to Little Cayman on a single carrier, avoiding luggage and ticketing worries. Their fares are competitive but for more info, visit their web site. Note that Island Air still operates their two smaller planes on the regular schedule, but they have released their Twin Otter. We have not been given an update as to whether they will stay in service or not.

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